ETalks’ maiden episode on 5th February 2022 had Mr. Yeshwanth Nag Mocherla, the founder of The Thick Shake Factory as the guest of honour. The panel discussion on What it takes to be an Entrepreneur with Mr. Mocherla was insightful and inspiring for all those who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Chandana, the founder of Skyroot Aerospace was the guest speaker for the second episode of ETalks on 19th February 2022 where he shared about his entrepreneurial venture in a space- startup. The session offered a novel experience where we learned much about space entrepreneurship and its challenges during the panel discussion on What it takes to be an Entrepreneur. 

The third episode of ETalks on 5th March 2022 had Ms. Ritika Mathur Seshadri as the guest of honour who works in the domain of University Recruitment for the tech giant Meta. The panel discussion on Decoding Corporate Expectations from Management and Commerce Graduates was insightful and motivating for the students where they could learn about the various aspects of interviews and recruitment for top MNCs.

We had the privilege to have Mr. Sharlin Thayil, partner and Business Director at US based Carnegie Technologies and ex CEO for South Central Hub at Bharti Airtel for the fourth episode of ETalks on 19th March 2022. The panel discussion on Corporate Jobs Vs Entrepreneurship with Mr. Thayil was insightful and thought provoking and helped the students to form a clear idea regarding what to choose as their career.

Mr. Murali Bukkapatnam, Chairman & CEO of Volksy Technologies was the guest of honour for the fifth episode of ETalks on 18th April 2022. The panel discussion on Personal Branding Strategies with Mr.Bukkapatnam was an enriching experience where he guided the students how to build their personal brand and strategies for the same.

The sixth episode of ETalks on 2nd May 2022 had Mr. Pradeep Mittal, the CEO of GreatFour Systems as the guest speaker. The panel discussion on Family Business, a Career Option for Gen Z was fruitful as it offered novel ideas in the field and shed light on various aspects to run the business successfully.

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