ElabZ Launch

EThames ElabZ is designed as a premier incubator to enable aspiring student entrepreneurs from degree colleges to build successful startups which contribute to India’s growth. It is a novel initiative by EThames College in partnership with TiE Grad, IIIT Hyderabad, T-Tribe and Coursera. EThames ELabz focuses on Tech Agnostic or Brick and Motor Companies, Consumer Products, Retailing and Distribution, Food Processing, Lifestyle Products and Services, Education, and Agri and Rural Innovation. EThames ElabZ envisions a bright future for the student entrepreneurs with welldefined goals viz. incubate 1000 student startups in 10 years, build a wide & deep network of ecosystem partners, have at least 50 startups in the incubator at any given time, create a fund corpus of ₹1 Cr by 2nd year, fund 10 new startups every year with up to ₹10 Lakhs, and 30 student startups to graduate by 3rd year. EThames ElabZ aims to inspire and empower students to pursue entrepreneurship via a series of programmes that will channel students’ creative and entrepreneurial energies into building new age products and brands.

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