Ethnic day

Ethnic Day at EThames is always the most awaited fest for students every year. In 2022, we celebrated Ethnic Day on 7th May which was indeed one of the best fests that students have witnessed. On this exuberant and colourful day, students and staff celebrate the rich culture of India by wearing ethnic outfits. Complementing the beauty of their traditional dresses, people celebrate their traditional ornaments and accessories as they adorn their outfits with. The vibrant and colourful cultural event reflects the diaspora and diversity of Indian culture and values. The day commemorates a mixture of the rich traditions and the vibrancy of India’s diversified culture and people and honours the unity in diversity of Indian culture and traditions. The day helps reconnect people with traditional and cultural roots and promote the true essence of age-old customs and traditions that have helped forged the different civilizations around the nation. At EThames, we celebrate Ethnic day in a very unique style because we make sure our students learn throughout the process. We conduct various competitions like ramp walk, debate, dance, singing and etc. Along with this, the most loved competition is food stall competition, which is introduced with the intention of igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship among our students. The event ends with students tapping their feet on the enticing tunes of the DJ. The most interesting part of the EThnic Day is, it is completely managed and conducted by our students with the guidance of faculty. Right from creating the posters for event to dealing with the vendors, every single transaction is carried out by students. This indeed helps students to go beyond classroom and learn management practically.

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