Himalayan Outbound Program @ EThames College

We at EThames strongly believe that able management is the key to success. We also believe management is no more about learning in classrooms; it’s about learning through experience and practice. Every year our students get the chance to learn, explore and experience this in the lap of Himalayas. The Himalayas provide the students with the chance to consider their time spent in the campus and the value of their education as they get ready to take on more responsibility in life by stepping into business world.

Every year we give our students opportunity to spend six to eight days of time with each other while learning new things and exploring nature in the form of excursion. In order to assess the students’ managerial and leadership abilities, they go through several rounds of training that involve adventure sports and practical challenges. Students go through a variety of physical and psychological experiencing challenges, including rock climbing, trekking, zip lining, paragliding, river rafting, horse riding, yoga, and pranayama. To further explain, the events span a spectrum of fundamental survival training, including culinary competitions, firewood gathering, tent setup, and numerous mountain jobs where teams plot and execute together, testing their leadership abilities and team chemistry. Another phase of excursion involves getting the students involved in community service by working with nearby villages to find creative solutions to their everyday issues. This is done by putting what they have learned in classroom into action.

Before beginning their pursuit of managerial jobs, the students have the chance to explore the Himalayas and form bonds with their peers. The excursion also encourages participants to become more conscious of their natural environment while learning about themselves in the process. Overall, the excursion molds and develops the future managers to meet problems, collaborate with others, and remain committed to the current issue while living in the moment.

EThamites remember the time spent during excursion forever because it teaches them the value of controlling their own selves, helps them in exploring their strengths and flaws before they step into the corporate world and they make the most cherishable and ever lasting memories.

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