The Future of U: My College Days

The Future of U series was introduced to our students with the objective of giving them a platform to interact with eminent personalities across various industries. This weekly series was based on the theme of “My College Days”. Our guest speakers shared their learnings and experiences which they garnered when they themselves were students. This was not like a traditional session with a one way monologue. Rather, this was a panel discussion with students. Every week, a panel of five students was selected who got an opportunity to ask questions about the college days of the respective speakers. These questions dealt with professional aspects, academic aspects and relevant personal aspects which included topics like how to overcome stress, how to deal with failures and how your personal friend-circle impacts your life. In our first episode, we had CA Jayesh Sanghvi who is a Managing Partner at EY. Next, we had Mr. Viiveck Verma who is a professionally certified coach from ICF and the founder of Upsurge Global. Subsequently we got Mr. Sanjay Jesrani on board who is the foiunder and CEO of Go North Ventures. For the fourth episode, we had Mr. Ranvijay Lamba who is the Managing Director and Country Head at Arcesium India. Then we had Mr. Pashupati Kumar, Managing Director – Risk and Financial Advisory, Deloitte US India Offices. In our penultimate episode, we invited Dr. Nandita Sethi, Founder & MD of The Entrepreneur Zone. Then finally, we had Mr. Sandip Patnaik who discussed about Strategies to Succeed in Career. EThamites are indeed lucky to have interacted with the best the industry has to offer!

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