UbuntU Session

EThames is the only college to encourage a vibrant space for self-discovery, clarifying and learning through each other’s thoughts /experiences. The Ubuntu is a group of 12 to 15 students engaging in a confidential and non-judgmental space to learn from each other through valuable experiences regarding business ideas, education, and personal and goals. Ubuntu’s (students) benefit by expanding their horizons through real-life experiences. Students can gain diverse perspectives from each other on specific topics which have impacted them. It will help them in discovering themselves through curiosity, vulnerability, introspection and exploration of their skills and the areas of improvement in a safe space of confidentiality and nonjudgement. Our Chairman, Mr’. Kali Prasad Gadiraju addressed the gathering and the session was well coordinated by Ms. Mercy Chrysolite on 24 May, 2022.

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