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EThames College, Hyderabad is one of the best colleges in the twin cities of Telangana. There are various reasons for me to praise the institution. As my daughter Papalal Aarthi is a student of B.Com at EThames, I know how the college is nurturing young minds to build a promising future.

EThames offers the best platform to develop students’ interpersonal skills, which is very significant these days. In my daughter’s case, she always tells me that after joining EThames, she has set her short and long-term goals and started working for them. I believe that her professors also have a role in her improvement. She always shares that the professors at EThames are well-versed in their respective areas and always ready to clarify doubts if students have any. They always motivate students to dream big.

Through the extracurricular activities conducted in the college, she has been getting chances to showcase her talents. Moreover, she became more confident and learnt how to balance studies and other activities simultaneously.

In addition, I am happy that the college is giving students many opportunities like Ubuntu, a personal success program where students can lend a helping hand to each other to excel in their skills.
Thanks to EThames College, Hyderabad for being a platform for the holistic development of students.

One of the best decisions I took for my daughter is to take admission for BBA at EThames College, Hyderabad. 

I am so happy that my daughter has improved a lot in her subject knowledge. The expert training by the faculty at EThames helped her to comprehend the subjects in detail. The professors will go extra mile to make the classes engaging and lively with different pedagogies. 

I am glad the college lends a helping hand to budding entrepreneurs to set up their startups. I would like to appreciate the efforts of the management and staff for their exemplary gesture in making students future-ready.

In addition, access to Coursera also helps students do courses in diverse areas from reputed universities across the globe. EThames also offers excellent internship opportunities from their first semester itself. My daughter has completed two internships and gained industry experience that would definitely help her in future. 

The extracurricular activities in the college have given her chances to polish and sharpen her skills. EThames College also makes sure that there is a perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities.

I thank the management and staff of EThames College, Hyderabad, for toiling incessantly to equip our children to be future-ready.

I am proud to say that my daughter is studying at EThames College, Hyderabad. The college has a clear vision regarding the overall development of students, and it makes EThames distinctive from other colleges.

My daughter has been a part of EThames for two years now, and over these years, I have seen positive changes in her with respect to her personality and outlook towards life. I feel very proud that my daughter is fortunate enough to grab the most desirable position of the Student Brand Ambassador of EThames College, Hyderabad.

Another good thing about EThames is its efficient faculty. All of them are very capable and supportive. Their guidance has always helped my daughter to become a better human being. They ensure that they equip students to face the future with confidence.

EThames keeps a perfect balance between curricular and extracurricular activities. The college also provides them opportunities to interact with renowned industry experts through guest sessions. The association of EThames with Coursera is helping students to enhance their knowledge- base in addition to their classroom lectures.

I thank EThames College, Hyderabad for always motivating and encouraging my daughter. As a parent, I am happy that my daughter is in the right institution that will help her graduate with flying colors.

I am happy that my son is studying at EThames College, Hyderabad, one of the best colleges in Hyderabad. 
EThames has helped him enhance his communication and leadership skills, and I am happy to see his improvement in a short period. What I like most about EThames is the balance between curricular and extracurricular activities at college. Unlike other colleges, at EThames, students get great opportunities to develop their talents.
The faculty at EThames is very supportive, and I appreciate their efforts in training the students for their bright future. In addition, the college is providing free access to Coursera, where students can join for short-term courses. I thank the management for providing students with this excellent opportunity.
Overall, I am happy with the college, and I am sure that my son’s future is in safe hands!
EThames College, Hyderabad has offered my daughter more than we ever desired. The college has prepared my daughter to face the real world. I appreciate the efforts of the professors in moulding our children meticulously before they step out into the competitive world.

The internship opportunities at EThames made an enormous difference in her approach to studies and her outlook toward “real life work”. Those opportunities equipped her to take decisions herself and learn from both successes and failures.

In addition, EThames provides an opportunity to learn beyond textbooks through various certification courses. Through Coursera, they get a chance to gain and update their knowledge about other required business skills. 

I thank the institution for grooming the students so well and wish the college a bright future ahead.

I feel proud that my son is studying at EThames, one of the best colleges in Hyderabad. Over these years, I could see that he is happy about being at EThames, which is more than enough for me as a parent.

The faculty at EThames are very supportive, and in addition to academics, they encourage students to participate in all extracurricular activities. We don’t have to worry about their overall development as the college ensures they are ready to face the future confidently.

The infrastructure also is excellent with AI-enabled classrooms, a good library, a software lab and a canteen.

I would say that anyone can send their children to EThames without any apprehensions. My gratitude to everyone at EThames College, Hyderabad, who works hard for the students’ betterment.

I always wanted my daughter to come out of her comfort zone. EThames College, Hyderabad made it possible with all the extra-curricular activities and events they conduct. I could notice a positive transformation in my daughter over these two years.

Coursera is one thing that I’m grateful to EThames. Students of degree level require access to such courses to enhance their knowledge base. My daughter could do various courses from top-notch universities, and she is really happy about that.
Unlike other colleges, EThames gives excellent internship opportunities for students as it gives them real-time corporate experience.

As a parent, I am happy that my daughter is in the right place. Thank you, EThames, for being an exemplary model of an educational institution.

EThames College, Hyderabad is an exemplary educational institution with a vision to make its students the best in all facets of their lives. My son joined EThames last year, and incredibly, he has evolved as an all-rounder in a short period. He got excellent opportunities to enhance his skillset through events and competitions held at college and could secure the much-coveted title of Student Brand Ambassador.

EThames stands apart from other colleges in providing students exposure to interact with renowned industry leaders and entrepreneurs to supplement their theoretical knowledge with their experiences in a real-time environment. I find this idea very unique where institutions focus only on academics at this level. This opportunity will definitely help students to form a clear vision of their future.

Hats off to the management and the faculty who continuously strive to make the students future-ready. I appreciate the idea of introducing Coursera Courses in addition to classroom lectures for students at this young age. It is definitely an excellent platform to quench the thirst for knowledge. My son has completed various courses on the platform and he is really happy about the opportunity.

As a parent, I am very much pleased with the dedication that EThames College, Hyderabad has in equipping students to excel in all their endeavors in future. I am proud to say that my son is in one of the top colleges in Hyderabad!

Thank you, EThames, for being an excellent educational institution where my son’s bright future is assured!

No words to describe how grateful I am to have my daughter a part of EThames College, Hyderabad! I am glad that we took this decision to join EThames. 

Here, the faculty is highly supportive and encouraging and always goes extra mile to transform ordinary students into extraordinary ones. I believe it is crucial to have and nurture a positive mindset from the teen years itself, and I am happy that my daughter is in such a wonderful place that fosters it. It is an encouragement not only for the child but the parents too.

It is good to see that the college gives equal importance to academics and extracurricular activities. The college also enhances its students’ knowledge base through various short-term courses.
The infrastructure also is excellent with quality classrooms, a well-equipped library, and a canteen. 

The institution truly fulfils its promise of bringing out the best from each student and ensuring that they produce not only graduates but a set of independent and confident students, which is the need of the hour.

Thank you so much, EThames! I won’t regret the admission of my daughter there.

EThames College, Hyderabad is one of the top B schools in India that offers a supportive learning environment where students are trained to face their future confidently.

One of the best ideas EThames ever came up with is their association with Coursera. It helped my daughter enhance her educational experience with top-notch programs offered on the platform. She has completed many courses from renowned universities so far. Not many colleges will focus on knowledge enhancement at a degree level like this.

For the overall development of students, EThames provides everything that is required. It includes world-class infrastructure, AI-enabled classrooms, extracurricular activities, expert panel discussions, etc. The picture is complete with excellent academic mentoring.

As a parent, I am happy that my daughter is in the right institution that will help her graduate with flying colours.

As a parent, I am delighted with the world-class learning experience offered at EThames College, Hyderabad. Unlike other colleges in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, EThames has a team of experienced faculty members who leaves no stone unturned in helping students realize their true potential. Through their expert mentoring, I could see a positive change in my son’s life within a short period.

Another great aspect of the college is its classy infrastructure which is at par with top colleges. With the support of AI-enabled classrooms, the lectures are very effective and offer the best learning experience possible. In this tech-dominated era, technology-assisted learning is highly significant.

I am sure that the three years of my son at EThames will be the most formative and fruitful time in his life.

EThames College, Hyderabad is a one-stop destination for students who aspire to be successful in their lives. This belief of me strengthened after my daughter’s one year at EThames. She got excellent opportunities to enhance her skillset through events and competitions held at college.

What I find great at EThames is their vision to mould the younger generation future ready. They organize expert sessions regularly by famous industry leaders. This exposure is more than enough to build a positive mindset among students and have a vision and mission for their future.

The management and the faculty are very supportive and keen on building an effective learning environment. In addition to the excellent classroom lectures, the students can access Coursera courses from top universities across the world to update their knowledge base in diverse areas.

Above all, a teenager needs support and encouragement for all their endeavors in addition to their academic growth. Here, the management and the faculty take care of students with much affection. I am pleased with whatever EThames provides for my daughter’s betterment.

My sincere gratitude to EThames, for being a promising educational institution. We don’t have to worry about our children’s bright future if they are at EThames. Yes, they are in safe hands!

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