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College days are the most unforgettable time for a student. It is like a new chapter from which one learns about moulding their future life. My journey with EThames College commenced very unexpectedly. Back in my school days, I always wanted to join Engineering. But life had different plans for me. When I decided to join B.Com Computer Applications, EThames College, Hyderabad was the best option for me.

I still remember the day I came for the admission at EThames College, Hyderabad. I was amazed by the opportunities and convinced that EThames is the best option for me.

The infrastructure of EThames is top-notch. The faculty here are very experienced in their own respective fields. They are always ready to lend a helping hand to students and are very friendly.

What I like most about EThames is that, unlike other colleges in the city, we get many opportunities here to excel in our talents other than academic achievements. The College always ensures that students get chances to enjoy cultural events as well.

Another privilege is the tie-up with Coursera, which helps us learn new courses from the world’s renowned universities. EThames also ensures that students are future-ready by providing internships from the first semester onwards.

I don’t regret joining EThames; it was the right decision I made for my bright future, and I am genuinely happy about it.

I’ve completed a wonderful journey of two years at EThames. It is an immense pleasure to be a part of this exceptional college. I could see a complete transformation in myself over these years, and looking forward to many more prospects coming my way.

My BBA course at EThames brought knowledge, confidence, clarity of thought, courage and integrity to me and my goals. In addition, EThames has provided me with opportunities to enhance my skills. I have established my leadership, time management, and team skills through various events in and out of the college.

The best thing about this college is the cross-cultural interaction between students from various parts of the country. The culture at our college has fostered sharing of ideas, critical discussions, and collaboration among students and faculty across a wide range of interests.

The friendly nature of the professors and their readiness to offer assistance have made me feel like a family. Their incredible support augmented values in my life. At any time, we can approach them and get our problems solved.

EThames is a place not only for learning but for merriment as well. The college provides ample opportunities to enjoy various cultural celebrations and extracurricular activities. 

I thank EThames, for being a great contributor to the development of my skills and for nourishing my personality.

EThames has been my happy space for the past two years. It helped me grow as a person with not only academic skills but also the values required to become a responsible individual.

Joining the college during the pandemic period left me with a lot of uncertainty about my future. But EThames made the journey hassle-free by providing us with the best possible alternatives for continuing with classes.

I believe that the EThames has the capability of making a student academically strong since it is a perfect amalgamation of expert faculty and dynamic management. The college also gives us the space to develop our skills by organizing various activities alongside providing students with a platform to showcase their innovative talents.

Overall, EThames stood as a medium for me to develop holistically to make my future bright.

Thank you, EThames, for being a supportive and trustworthy institution.

College days are the most memorable time in our lives. I selected EThames after immense research amidst the pandemic for my further studies, and I wanted it to be the best college with the best course and faculty.

Each student does a degree course with the primary motive of learning. Here, the lecturers incorporate all the current advancements in their teaching and to impart quality education, they continually update themselves.

Education becomes more fun when it is worth the money spent on it. Considering the amount of exposure I am getting from this course, I believe I am getting the best value-for-money offer. The infrastructure of EThames is one of the best you’ll find in Hyderabad. We have excellent amenities and fully air-conditioned classrooms, labs, and libraries, making the overall experience positive. One of the best aspects of EThames is the placements the college offers. The placement cell is always active in providing the best placement opportunities with a handsome salary package a graduate can get.

I got to be one of the Student Brand Ambassadors, which gave me a chance to polish my leadership qualities and realise how capable and efficient I am. As an SBA, organising various events and club activities was a task, but the help of the management and their smooth communication with us made everything a huge success. I can’t be thankful enough for all the opportunities the college has provided in the past two years, which helped my overall personality development.

The security has been the best, and it’s safe to reach and stay in the college. One can get good industry exposure by working on many projects offered to the students. The college administration ensures that students’ co-curricular and extra-curricular exposure is at par with the best colleges in the city.

Overall it has been a great experience and looking forward to more opportunities.

I have completed two years at EThames so far. I would say that it has been a great platform to develop my personality. I got chances to polish my leadership skills, networking abilities, and communication skills. As a Student Brand Ambassador, I had opportunities to coordinate many events and learned the importance of teamwork and volunteering.

Here, the faculty is very encouraging; they wish to see students succeed in our lives. I have some professors who believed in me and encouraged me to take on leadership roles and positions.

EThames gave me a golden chance to be a part of many clubs and by participating in various activities, I could come out of my comfort zone. I have enjoyed being a part of Literary and Cultural club activities.

I would recommend EThames to anyone who wants to have quality education and a successful career afterwards.

Thank you EThames, for giving me a supportive environment to learn and grow.

EThames has a significant role in my overall development. I still remember myself as a shy boy who always stays in his comfort zone. But, after joining EThames in the year 2020, I got a bunch of good friends who encouraged me to come forward and be active. Still, they are my pillars of support.

In addition, the accommodative culture at EThames inspired me to attend classes regularly. The faculty here is also a motivating factor for not skipping classes. They always act as good mentors and encourage innovative ideas in students.

EThames taught me to be self-reliant and energetic by grabbing opportunities to conduct several cultural and extracurricular events. I can proudly say that I have noticed my managerial skills through all these opportunities. Recently, I got an excellent chance to be a part of the organising committee of an intercollegiate fest. As the fest was a grand success, it again boosted my confidence level to a great extent.

Looking back, I can say that I have improved a lot over these years. The credit goes to EThames for transforming me into a better person. In my experience, EThames College, Hyderabad is the best, and I am a proud EThamite!

EThames has been a turning point in my life. I had wonderful experiences being a part of such a great institution, and I have one more year to make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The college offers students a wide range of opportunities to showcase their talents and enhances the overall college experience. I was a bit worried when I joined the college. I wasn’t sure if I could experience the college life I’ve always dreamt of due to the pandemic. But, putting all my worries to rest, EThames offered us the best even during pandemic. I was intrigued by the online classes and the educational sessions held by the management during the pandemic.

The internship opportunities provided to us are helpful for understanding the work-life experience. We are getting such opportunities in the early stage of our careers, which is unlikely elsewhere.

After the college re-opened, I started experiencing college life with great enthusiasm. I always wanted to have happening fests, great faculty and most importantly, the best education.

I have learnt a lot from the faculty and the management. I believe that I made a perfect choice by choosing EThames for my BBA.
I can say out loud that I am a proud EThamite.
I joined EThames amidst the pandemic. I was worried about how the online classes would turn out. However, EThames exceeded my expectations and provided an engaging and effective online platform to begin the classes. When physical classes resumed, I realized how EThames is different from other colleges. It not only focuses on academics, but also provides students opportunities to gain first-hand experience in the field in which they will work in the future.

Apart from the classes, EThames also conducts various events and provide us chances to interact and have conversations with various successful industrialists. These events help us to learn about their journey in the industry.

As I step into my last year of graduation, I am eager to see what EThames brings out of me, and what kind of knowledge I will gain. In my experience, EThames is the best place for students who look forward to a bright future. Thank you, EThames, for being the best college!

I joined EThames in 2021. Being a student from a Science background, I was not sure whether I would be able to compete with other students. To my surprise, with the support of the excellent faculty at EThames, I could get familiar with the subjects within a short period.

I have joined EThames to enhance my knowledge in the subject and to secure good marks. But as EThames focuses on the holistic development of students, it not only gives importance to academics but extracurricular activities as well. Being a Student Brand Ambassador, I got many opportunities like event organization, management, and marketing, to name a few. My journey through all these opportunities and experiences was splendid.

The dynamic management and professors here give us enormous support and encourage us to do our best in whatever we do.
EThames has undoubtedly made me a bright and confident student. Besides that, it also helped me groom my overall personality from a timid teenager to one who can handle problems confidently.

I look upon this college as a foundation for enriching my skills and am very curious about my future journey with EThames.

I am a proud EThamite!

I still remember the days when I searched for a degree college with many expectations and hopes. Luckily, I got admission at EThames, and from then on, my life has changed tremendously.

It has been a year since I joined EThames. It has helped me get the best out of myself and carved me into a bright student. I look upon EThames as the best platform to enrich my skills further.

EThames has been providing diverse opportunities to give us the best form of education. It has a team of supporting faculty who always filled the zeal for learning in me. With that support, I earned the position of Student Brand Ambassador of EThames. EThames got me into many activities and events that made me confident in my skills and abilities.

I am very curious about my coming years in EThames, and I hope that I can make the most out of all the opportunities that come my way.

Thank you, EThames, for being a platform to develop my skills.

I joined EThames a year back. I would say that within that short period, EThames has given me several opportunities that helped me improve my skillset. I got a desirable chance to be the Student Brand Ambassador of my section as well.

In addition to honing my skillset, EThames has given me many learning experiences through organizing events and conducting them in the best possible way. Unlike other colleges, EThames has a good balance between curricular and extracurricular activities.

EThames provides an excellent platform for students to interact with renowned entrepreneurs and industry experts. Aspiring entrepreneurs among us have opportunities to interact and look up to them to make our dreams come true.

I thank EThames for gifting me valuable learning experiences in my first year. I am looking forward to a much more rewarding year ahead.

Thank you, EThames, for making my journey with EThames exciting!

I joined EThames after I dropped out of a well-known and recognized university where I had an unpleasant experience.

EThames College is dedicated to provide a world-class learning experience. The college has gifted me with several opportunities to hone my skills and develop my hidden talents. Here, I could secure the title of Student Brand Ambassador, which provides valuable experiences that a student can ever dream about. With my experiences at EThames to date, I can confidently say that EThames is a safe, professional, and friendly learning environment which provides high-quality teaching, assessment and learning.

At EThames, I have always found a positive and healthy atmosphere. The teachers here are highly supportive. They always lend us a helping hand whenever we need encouragement or motivation.

With all these experiences, I could say that my decision to join EThames is justified. I had a great time last year and awaiting a great year ahead with EThames.

Thank you, EThames College, for meeting my expectations of a fruitful college life!

I’ve been with EThames for a year, and it’s been a wonderful experience. With the support of EThames, I have gained the finest foundation to thrive in the career I want to pursue while advancing intellectually and personally.

I was given an opportunity to be the Student Brand Ambassador, and the excellent opportunities have improved my public speaking, self-esteem and leadership skills. I look forward to learning more in the years to come.

At college, everyone gets along well. The entire faculty does everything possible to guide and help students to have a clear vision regarding their future.

I’ve had the best journey with EThames so far. It’s been fun, and I’m looking forward to all the prospects that come my way.

Thank you, EThames, for being a great learning platform!

It’s been a year since I joined EThames. I got many opportunities to improve my skillset in various areas within this short period. EThames organizes events and interactive sessions with industry experts regularly where we get a chance to showcase our talents. 

After becoming the Student Brand Ambassador, I got many more chances to build my confidence, improve my public speaking skills etc. I really feel very proud, happy and fortunate that I could secure this position.

EThames always encourage students to grab opportunities that come their way. I have started participating in all activities focusing on building a better version of myself. 

As an EThamite, I can say that EThames provides everything a student needs for a bright future. I am very enthusiastic to see what EThames has for me in the coming years.

Thank you, EThames, for moulding me into an extraordinary student!

I joined EThames two years back amidst the pandemic. Even though it was a tough time for everyone, especially for the education sector, EThames gave us the best. To our surprise, the online classes were interesting with full of engaging activities. Now, we have started experiencing our full-fledged college life with much enthusiasm.

EThames always provide excellent learning opportunities to improve ourselves to have a bright future. The faculty here are very supportive and always motivates students to participate in all the events. With all the motivation and support, I could win the position of Student Brand Ambassador.

Here, at EThames, in addition to the classroom lectures, we are given access to the global learning platform, Coursera, from which we can update and enrich our knowledge base in various subjects. The internship opportunities and placements are also at par with renowned business schools.

I always dreamed of a wonderful college life and I feel happy that I could realise that dream with EThames. As I step into the final year of my graduation, I am even more excited to see what all EThames has for me.

Thank you, EThames, for bringing out the best in me!

It has been only a year at EThames and I have had many great experiences. EThames has provided us with excellent opportunities that helped us to develop and polish our hidden talents.

We have a friendly environment at college. The faculty is always ready to support students in their needs. They helped me grow and establish myself, and I got selected as the Student Brand Ambassador. The entire faculty leaves no stone unturned to shape one’s future. In addition, the infrastructure of EThames is the finest among various colleges in the twin cities of Telangana.

Another best thing about the college is the cross culture where we meet students from different cultures, and it is really great interacting with them.

EThames not only focuses on academics but also on extracurricular activities that lead to the holistic development of students.

I can say that it was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of EThames College! I am a proud EThamite!

I still remember the days when I searched for a good college for graduation and found EThames among the finest colleges in Hyderabad. As we entered the college, the counsellor briefed us about the college and explained how the learning experience at EThames is unique from other colleges. After speaking to the counsellor, my brother told me, “If you want to graduate, do it here or drop your graduation plan.” So following my brother’s suggestion, I joined EThames with some apprehensions.

To my surprise, I realized in the first week of college that my brother took the right decision for me. As days passed, I fell in love with the campus, the activities, the facilities that the management provided for students etc.

EThames has made me an extraordinary student. As a result, I could secure the much-coveted position as a Student Brand Ambassador. Through all the opportunities that came my way, I became more confident and improved my leadership skills tremendously. I’m very excited to see what EThames will offer me in the coming years.

Thanks a lot, EThames, for making me a wonderful person!

EThames is the best place for students like me who want to change their stream to Commerce after Intermediate but are afraid of the hurdles they may have to face on their way forward.

I joined EThames last year with tremendous hopes and expectations. I was a bit concerned about the little knowledge of my academia as I was a Science student in my Intermediate. My biggest challenge was the thought of competing with my counterparts from Commerce background who are well-versed in subjects like Accountancy and Business Studies. And needless to say, the faculty here has surpassed all my expectations. The College has organized several workshops, special classes, guest sessions with renowned entrepreneurs, etc., to help us develop a knowledge base on several subjects.

I got selected as the Student Brand Ambassador, the most privileged position at EThames, that plays a significant role in the holistic development of my personality and enhancement of my leadership skills. In my past one-year experience, I feel very fortunate as EThames helped me to grasp theoretical as well as practical knowledge that gave wings to my confidence.

My journey with EThames is the finest so far, be it with my peers, the faculty, the management or the supporting staff. It’s been a great time and I look forward to learning more and more from everyone around me.

Thank You, EThames, for providing me an amazing learning platform!

I strongly believe that my decision to opt for B.Com (Computer Applications) at EThames College was one of the best decisions in my life. EThames has the best infrastructure, top-notch faculty members, a leadership who focuses on the holistic development of students, an exemplary placement cell etc., that we may not find anywhere in the twin cities of Telangana.

Besides that, I always enjoyed the extracurricular activities that helped to polish my skills and abilities. Moreover, along with improving myself, each event gives us sweet memories to cherish for a lifetime. I can say that EThames helped me become a better version of myself personally and professionally.

My gratitude to EThames, for providing me with mentors who could identify my hidden talents and guiding me through the right path!

It was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of EThames College. Here, a plethora of opportunities come your way for you to grab and help find the real you. EThames promises a great learning experience with a clear vision for the overall development of students. The exceptional faculty here is a constant source of motivation. While you are here, build networks, take chances, compete positively with one another, and get rewarded with the best!

From nurturing our inner talents to eradicating the fear of public speaking, EThames has polished my skills and added a shine to my personality. That has contributed significantly to my journey from a fresher to the title of Student Brand Ambassador. At EThames, students have the liberty to plan and conduct events. That freedom itself will add to their confidence. In addition, we have world-class infrastructure and a library with a good collection of books. The teaching staff is exemplary in their approach toward students.

When you know each day can unfold multiple surprises,
When you know each class can give you takeaways for a lifetime,
When you know your network of friends from here can be your lifeline for a lifetime,
When you know your campus is as young and energetic as yourself,
When you know events organised here can shape your future for real,
When you know this is the place every management student aspires to be,
Make no mistake! You can only find yourself here at EThames!!

I joined this college as per my sister’s suggestion. She was studying here then and had experienced how great EThames is! My parents love this college since they have faith in the college that their children are in safe and secure hands.

When I joined EThames in 2020, we had a phase of online classes. I never thought we could actively participate in class through online learning platforms. To my surprise, EThames appreciably organized various interesting online events as well, where we could enjoy a lot even amidst the pandemic.

After that phase, when the college reopened, I could understand why my sister suggested joining EThames. The college aims not only the academic excellence but also holistic development of students as well. I could see a positive change in me over these years. I have been actively participating in the events grabbing whatever opportunities come my way. Finally, I could become the Student Brand Ambassador of my class. Being a sports person, I enjoyed our three-day sports fest also. It was one of the successful events that the college conducted.

As I step into the last year of graduation, I am very excited to see what the college has to offer me. I am sure that my hopes won’t go in vain. EThames won’t leave any stone unturned in moulding an ordinary student into an extraordinary one. In my experience, EThames is the best place for students who want to achieve great things in their lives.

Thank you, EThames, for offering me the best learning experience!

I have been a student at EThames College for almost two years now. With all the memorable experiences here over these years, I am happy with my decision to join EThames College and be a part of it!

EThames College provides us with the best professors. All of them are very helpful and friendly. They always encourage me to take good decisions. Their guidance has helped me mould myself as a better human being.

I feel very proud, happy and fortunate enough to get the most desirable opportunity of being the Student Brand Ambassador. EThames always encourages me to grab every opportunity possible that will help in the betterment of my future. I have started participating in all curricular and extracurricular activities to showcase my talents and polish my skillset.

EThames organizes guest lectures with renowned industry experts and provides students opportunities to interact with them. The success story of each guest has been a motivation for my journey toward success.

I would love to take the opportunity to thank EThames College for always motivating and guiding me in all my endeavours.

I am very proud of being a part of EThames College. For any student who wants to achieve great things and success in life, EThames College is the best place for them.


First and foremost, I express my sincere gratitude to my parents for providing me with the chance to study at EThames College, Hyderabad

I owe a lot to EThames as it has given me great opportunities to showcase and polish my potential in various fields. I could improve a lot both at the academic and personal level. As a result, I could secure the prestigious title of Student Brand Ambassador as well.

EThames provides the best to its students; be it infrastructure, internship opportunities or placements, it will be at par with renowned B- schools. In addition to that, the faculty members here are also friendly and approachable.

Another best thing about EThames is that students have the prospects to organize and participate in curricular and extra-curricular activities. I am sure that this kind of exposure and opportunities will benefit students to excel in their careers.

It feels good when you can live life to the fullest. I am delighted that I got a chance to be part of EThames College and sure that it will aid me in my journey towards success.

Thank you, EThames, for making my college days beautiful!

When I joined EThames, I was an introvert who was not ready to leave my comfort zone and be active. I was always hesitant to speak up due to a lack of confidence. My friend circle also was limited. But surprisingly, by the mid-second year, I could see a tremendous change in me. It is the EThames’ magic to transform an ordinary student into an extraordinary one!

Over these two years, the college has taught me professional skills like leadership, communication, time management etc. I have now become a people person and realized the importance of building relationships and making friends. I have acquired the skills to be flexible. Even when things don’t go my way, I learned how to have a good attitude.

EThames is unique from other colleges in the kind of exposure that the college provides. It not only focuses on curricular but also extracurricular activities. Our college conducts events regularly where we create beautiful memories. Here, the students have the liberty of planning and organizing events in the best possible way. It is helpful so that students will acquire managerial and leadership skills. At the same time, we can approach our professors whenever we need guidance.

At EThames, classes are a great platform to realize and showcase our potential. Each class is planned systematically in a way that ensures us a space for debates, quizzes, presentations, and lots of activities that make it a wonderful learning experience.

The professors here are friendly and supportive and contribute significantly to our growth. Apart from them, my seniors also helped to mould me into a confident one. They guided me through all the aspects of college life and helped me grow and develop as a better person.

The internship opportunities provided by the college are also really great. It allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge in a real-time work environment.

As I enter my last year of college, I can’t help but feel excited about all that awaits me. I know it will be a year full of fun and learning, and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me. I’m sure I’ll make some great memories to cherish forever.

Thank you, EThames, for transforming me from an ordinary to an extraordinary person!

The decision to join EThames was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. I still remember the days when the world was suffering from the pandemic COVID -19, and that’s when our batch took admission at EThames. We had a lot of apprehensions at the beginning regarding the classes, experiencing college life, etc. To our surprise, EThames did great in making us comfortable and arranged many events online. So even amidst difficulties, we got excellent opportunities to exhibit our skills and potential before everyone. After the phase of online events, we started enjoying college life to the fullest.

By grabbing all the opportunities that came my way and being an active student, I could secure the much-coveted position of Student Brand Ambassador of EThames. I am sure that, being the brand ambassador, I can discover my true potential and hidden talents along with polishing my leadership skills. My communication skills also have improved tremendously by utilizing all the opportunities for public speaking.

Unlike any other college, EThames has unique initiatives on personal success, expert talk series by industry experts, and global certification programmes, to name a few. The faculty at EThames is very supportive and keen on the overall development of students. They are the ones who boost our morale whenever we feel demotivated and energize us to be confident in all our endeavours.

I feel very fortunate to have a chance to be an EThamite and thankful to the management, faculty and all the staffs for making my journey with EThames exciting.

I have been a student at EThames College for two years now. With the wonderful experiences over these two years, I feel that EThames is the best place for any student who wants to achieve great things in their life.

I joined the college hoping for just a degree, but EThames surprised me with excellent opportunities to excel in curricular and extracurricular activities. I got an enviable opportunity to be the Student Brand Ambassador as well. EThames taught me the importance of grabbing opportunities and being confident in my skill set. Along with that, I learned how to be positive all the time and consider everything as a learning experience. Before joining EThames, I preferred to be in my comfort zone, but here, the opportunities for active participation made me enthusiastic and much more confident.

Another best thing about EThames is the excellent platform for students to interact with renowned entrepreneurs and industry experts. I believe that their success stories and motivation also helped me fuel my vision for the future.

We are fortunate to have a Leadership who focuses on our overall development and faculty who equips us to discover our potential in various areas. They are happy to go extra mile to mould us as better individuals.

I feel so privileged as an EThamite and excited to see what it continues to teach me. I am sure that if you want to be a promising youth, EThames is the best place to be.

Thank you, EThames, for helping me discover my true potential!

I owe a large part of what I’m today to my alma mater EThames College, Hyderabad I remember the days when I pondered a lot about the best colleges for BBA in the twin cities of Telangana. In retrospection, I am glad for taking a great decision to join EThames.

My journey from a fresher to the privileged position of Student Brand Ambassador was momentous. EThames has equipped me with theoretical and practical knowledge and boosted my confidence tremendously through curricular and extracurricular activities. I got excellent chances to spearhead many events in the college that helped me develop the qualities of an exemplary leader.

The best thing that makes EThames stand out from the rest is the due focus on the holistic development of the student community. The expert sessions by industry leaders on various topics instilled in me a passion for being an entrepreneur. I was able to commence my journey as an entrepreneur from the second semester onwards. I feel so fortunate to have such an efficient leadership board and faculty who leaves no stones unturned in moulding an ordinary student into an extraordinary one.

Thank you, EThames College, Hyderabad for offering a great learning experience and fond memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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