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Unlocking Student Entrepreneurship:

EThames ELabZ Ignites India's Start-up Revolution

Discover, Innovate, Succeed:Empowering Degree College Students to Build Thriving Start-ups

Key Highlights:

  • Incubating 1000 Student Start-ups in a Decade for India's Progressive Future
  • Cultivating an Extensive Network of Ecosystem Partners
  • The Premier Choice for Degree College Students Embarking on their Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Fueling Innovation: Funding 10 Promising Start-ups Annually with up to ₹10 Lakhs
  • Nurturing Talent: 30 Student Start-ups Set to Graduate by Year 3
  • Creating a ₹1 Cr Fund Corpus by the 2nd Year: Enabling Dreams to Take Flight

Join the Movement: EThames ELabZ - Where Student Entrepreneurs Shape India's Growth



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