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At EThames College in Hyderabad, we strive to set the bar for academic excellence and forge strong ties with various industries. Our unwavering commitment lies in nurturing the next generation of managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs who will shape the future of India.

To ensure an extraordinary learning journey, we employ a diverse range of teaching methodologies, including interactive lectures, engaging case studies, immersive business simulations, stimulating management games, enriching industry visits, and hands-on project-based learning. With our holistic teaching model, we believe in transforming ordinary learners into extraordinary talents, equipping them for success in all facets of life.

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    Our vision is to be a globally renowned top tier business...

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    Our mission is to nurture young minds and transform th...
Our Courses

Graduate Programs


Bachelor of Business Administration

A BBA program equips you with comprehensive business knowledge, managerial skills, and strategic thinking for success in diverse corporate environments.

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B.Com (Computer Applications)

A B.Com (Computer Applications) program imparts a strong foundation in commerce alongside practical skills in leveraging technology for data analysis and business optimization.

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Bachelor Of Computer Application

A Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) program provides a comprehensive education in computer science, software development, and IT management for a tech-driven career.

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